Text: Prov. 4:16-17, Job 34:20, Job. 27:20, Mat. 13:25
The enemy will not come when we are awake. But they come when we sleep! There are powers called the powers of the night. A lot of things are programmed into people’s lives at the hours of the night. 99.9% off the problems of man are planted during the hours of the night. Many evils are perpetrated in the hours of the night. Sexual intercourse in the dream is not an ordinary thing, evil seeds are sown! Eating food in the dream is not something taking lightly, evil seeds are planted!. The gunshot in the dream is not something to joke with, evil seeds are planted! Being pressed down and pursued in the dream must be addressed urgently.

3 Major Agenda of the Powers of the Night

John 10:10
1. To kill
2. To steal
3. To destroy
The power of God moved mightily in a crusade and a woman confessed that she was a witch and that she always rode on her husband like a horse to their meeting. The man of God sent for the husband of the woman to come so that both would be helped. When the man came and heard all what the woman said, he told the pastor that he has given his wife to him!

What Are these Powers of the Night?

1. Domestic witchcraft agents
2. Familiar spirit
3. Spirit husband and spirit wife
4. Satanic caterers
5. Family idols
6. Spiritual robbers
7. Herbalist and witch doctors
8. Satanic priests
9. Household strongman
10. Eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood
11. Dream manipulators
12. Wandering spirits
What to do to Have Victory over the Powers of the Night
1. Genuinely surrender your life to Christ
2. Confess your sins and repent of them
3. Live a holy life
4. Be filled with the word of God
5. Let the fire of God baptize your life.



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