Text: Deut. 8:18

You can’t achieve anything by yourself! Whatever you achieve, is by the mercies of God. Some boast of their educational career and have forgotten that some have four doctorate degrees and are still swimming in poverty! Some boast of their family backgrounds, “I came from a royal family”, and have forgotten that there are many from royal family suffering! You cannot acquire wealth by your wisdom, intellect, or educational background.
The two vital words from the book of Deuteronomy 8:18 are;
- Power
- Wealth


1. Power is the ability to be in charge.
2. Power is the ability to be in control.
3. Power is the ability to rule.
4. Power is the ability to dominate.
5. Power is the ability to exercise authority.
Jesus said “Behold I give unto you power to tread upon serpents and scorpions; and over every power of the enemy”. Without power in the life of a child of God, serpents and scorpions will bite them! You need power to exercise authority as a child of God. Whosoever claims to be a child of God and lacks the power of God will be a Christmas chicken for the devil.
Genesis 1:28 says that God created us in His image and gave us power to dominate the world.


1. It means to be highly successful.
2. It means doing well around.
3. It means to flourish in your business..
4. It means to flourish in your calling.
5. It means to flourish in academics and every area of life.
6. It is being healthy physically, spiritually, financially and in your marriage.
7. It is much more than having money.
A man can have money and still be poor. Wealth or prosperity is far beyond money. In Genesis 39:2-4, the Bible describes Joseph as a prosperous man even when he was still a slave in Egypt. Why did the Bible call him a prosperous man? This is because he carried the presence of God. God was with him when he was in his father’s house, God was with him when he was sold as a slave, God was with him the prison.


1. Money can solve physical and material problem but cannot solve spiritual problem.
2. Money can buy you a bed but cannot buy you a sleep.
3. Money can buy you a house but cannot buy you a home.
4. Money can buy you a woman but cannot buy you a wife.
5. Money can buy you a gun but cannot buy you security.
6. Money can buy you a car but cannot buy you safe journey.
7. Money can buy you a garment but cannot buy you a honor.
8. Money can buy you a bible but cannot buy you salvation.
9. Money can buy you victory but cannot buy you peace.
10. Money can buy you food but cannot buy you appetite.
11. Money can buy you cosmetics but cannot buy you beauty.
12. Money can buy you happiness but cannot buy you Joy.
13. Money can buy you a ticket to travel round the world but cannot buy you the ticket to heaven.


1. Power is needed to get wealth according to Deuteronomy 8:18.
2. Power is needed to maintain the wealth according to Proverbs 23:5.
3. Power is needed to enjoy wealth. It is one thing to have wealth and it is another thing to enjoy it. Ecclesiastes 7:8
4. Power is needed to hand over wealth to your children.
Proverbs 13:22 admonishes us to leave wealth for our children and not battles.
Prosperity is needed in every sphere of life and it is the desire of God that we are prosperous in life.


1. Make God your friend and surrender all to him
2. Live a holy life
3. Br prayerful
4. Find time for the word of God.
5. Be generous.



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